Windows 2000 Running Modern Software

So…. where do I start?

I am going to be embarking on quite a major project. The task at hand is get Windows 2000 running modern software. Yes, that’s right, something like Chrome and VLC on Win2K. I also plan on getting the OS running Minetest normally. I’ll update this post as the project progresses.

I’m looking at KernelEx for Windows 2000.

Target browser: Latest version of Chrome

Target media player: Latest version of VLC

Target modern game: Latest version of Minetest

KernelEx: (page is in Japanese)


3/8/2017: Project started. Blog post made.

Sorry for the downtime… again.

Sorry for the recent downtime, the modem operating this server’s internet connection went out. and I had to get a new one (And it was incompatible with my settings export. so I had to manually set it back up). And that’s when I found out it doesn’t have NAT loopback, so I had to put it into DMZ mode, and block all MySQL connections not from localhost. Well now the server is back up. 🙂